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Select and buy products on Vinotecasola is very simple: select the product you like in our lists: "Wine", "Champagne & Spumante" and "Liqueurs":

  •   In order to select an item and put it on the shopping cart, please click on this symbol:
    Repeate this operation for every products you need.
  •   To see the list of the selected products in the shopping cart please click on this symbol:

  •   In the Shopping cart page, you can find everything you put in the shopping cart with the possibility of changing the quantity of product selected (insert the number you need for any item and click on “Refresh contents”) or delete an item by just putting 0 as quantity and clicking on “Refresh contents”.
    To confirm your order click on "Confirm order" at the bottom of the page

  • In the order confirmation page, please fill the form with your personal data and the shipping method you prefer putting it on the "Note" field; then you can click on "confirm order". A confirmation of your request, listing goods, bought and prices, will be send to your e-mail address.
  • Payment is in advance by the means stated on our website. We will only process payments if we obtain authorisation from our payment partner. If we do not receive full payment in cleared funds within 7 days of your order, then we are entitled to cancel this contract.
  • We accept payment by Credit Card (VISA or MASTERCARD) using PAY-MAIL or by Bank Transfer
  • As soon as possible, we will check if all products are available, then you will received the confirmation of availability. Your order will be executed only when you will receive our confirmation e-mail about the products available and after the payment has been authorised.
    - To make an order you must be 18 or older

    - There is no minimum or maximum limit to any purchase, although we would suggest that you contact us when placing large orders.

    - Our shipping partners are: B&T Service o Mail Boxes Etc.
    with this shipping options:

    Estimated Delivery
    Italy 2-3 Business Days
    European community 3-5 Business Days
    *for other countries it will be specified by e-mail

    - For place outside Europe, It will be our duty to provide all the possible options we can; and give you all information you need (costs, delivery and restriction)

    - We guarantee the safe arrivals. There is no need for insurance as our products are automatically insured without any extra charges added to the shipping price.

    - All boxes are made of expanded polystyrene providing protection against impact, vibration, shock and abrasion

    Shipping Costs Table
    Delivery free of charge over € 75 Tax included
    Delivery free of charge over € 600 Tax included
    1 btl. € 15,00
    from 2 to 6 btl. € 18,00
    South-Italy & Islands
    1 btl. € 20,00
    from 2 to 6 btl. € 26,90
    European Union
    B&T - road service
    from 2 to 6 btl. € 69,00
    B&T - Air Cargo Service

    from 2 to 6 btl. € 99,00
    *for other countries it will be specified by e-mail
    E-mail: info@vinotecasola.it
    Phone/Fax: +39 010-561329
    Address: Piazza Colombo 13/15 R. - 16121 - Genova
    Partita iva: 01090840107